Passwordless MFA with
verified identity.

Empower your customers' to continue with 1-click using authenticated personal
data they have generated from trusted companies within our Identity network.

Simple, easy onboarding
Onboard authenticated consumers in 10 seconds through fully compliant preapproved identity information from companies within our network, consented and controlled by the customer. Reduce consumer friction and fraud.
end-to-end encryption

Login with a blink and smile
Go Passwordless

Instead of requiring your customers to identify themselves repeatedly,gift them the convenience & efficiency of bringing their pre-verified Identity and account to you. No need to fill out another signup or login form again.

More than Identity verification
Access rich identity attribute of your customers like employment history, Income, and educational certificates, verified and stored on the secure enclave of their device and under sole control by the customer secured via live biometric.
verify claim

Fraud. No longer your problem.

Eliminates the tradeoffs between security and privacy by connecting account registration to account access and account recovery using state-of-the-art decentralized turnkey biometric authentication and other phone centric Identity attributes.

Digital Identity Wallet

Reuse verified identities to make identity verification faster. Use our digital identity wallet to grant your customers instant access to your services and enable them make legally valid claims faster than ever before.

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Personal Identity
For businesses
Increase conversion rates and optimize customer acquisition costs.
Create a frictionless user access flow experience that just works no matter where.
Enforce consistent access, authentication, and authorization policies across distributed infrastructure.
Plan, integrate, test, validate and head into production — all in a few days.
For personal users
Better account opening experience by reusing existing verified identities.
No passwords or user names to remember. Identify yourself in a few seconds with biometrics
Retain control of your Identity Information, private keys and associated data.
Use a single click to sign-in to apps you've never used before.
Partner Program

Partner with us to help other businesses modernize the way they engage with customers and mitigate fraud.
Our solutions enable companies to.

Accelerate revenue and secure digital acquisition & onboarding

Manage identities to secure digital servicing

Reduce friction, fraud and KYC false positives